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Valley of Armageddon

See Valley of Jezreel.


Valley of Jehoshaphat

Place where the Lord will summon the world to be judged. ("Jehoshaphat" means "the Lord will judge.") The Kidron Valley east of Jerusalem is believed to be this location.


Valley of Jezreel

Large, flat, fertile plain in northern Israel between the Galilee Mountains and the Samaria Mountains. The international trade route Via Maris passed through this area. It is also known as the Valley of Armageddon.



Roman god of love and beauty. Daughter of Zeus and Dione (or did she spring from the sea?)



Roman goddess of the hearth and home. Sister of Zeus.


Via Maris

During Biblical times, Israel was located at the crossroads of the world, where the trade of the civilized world passes through. Since the Arabian desert was in between the empires of Egypt and Mesopotamia (Persia, Babylon, Assyira), the only trade route passed through Israel, a narrow land bridge between the Mediterranean Sea and the desert to the east. This busy road, the lifeline of the trade route, was known as "Way of the Sea."



Roman god of victory, pictured with a wreath. Granddaughter of Oceanus, daughter of Styx



Covered exit in a Roman theater.

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